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Vendor Finance

Why Choose SLR

Through our vendor relationships, we have designed specialist leasing products, primarily involving off balance sheet treatment for suppliers and users under UK GAAP, IAS and US GAAP.

Those schemes, which the Group has been instrumental in setting up to date, are varied in complexity. They range from
the provision of simple sales aid back-up where the principal advantage to the supplier is the availability of a single point of contact and simple documentation, to more technically demanding situations where, for example, direct assistance
has been given to some suppliers wishing to set up, manage
and fund their own in-house leasing portfolios.

The ability of the Team to provide innovative solutions is
perhaps most evident in the cases where we have devised a bespoke form of contract, the "Managed Services or Managing Solutions". This scheme enables manufacturers to offer their customers maximum flexibility when acquiring equipment,
whilst still creating an effective vehicle for financing
the 'purchase'.

Within SLR there is a depth of knowledge and experience, which it would be difficult to replicate within the leasing sector in the UK.

The skills which are in evidence within the team are extensive and range from a detailed knowledge of the corporate finance, banking and financial sectors (and in particular of all of the various forms of asset finance), to expertise in the drafting of leasing and other documents, and from credit underwriting to portfolio management and debt collection.

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