S L R financial solutions  

Vendor Finance


SLR can help integrate a sales aid financing strategy into your business to increase revenue and maximise client satisfaction. Our aim is to formalise an effective partnership with you, developing a finance programme which will powerfully complement your own customer offering, underpinned by a unique brand of service that you can trust will deliver results.

As well as adding value to your sales process and offering your customers the ability to manage change, it also gives you the opportunity to develop long-term relationships. Key benefits include:

Increased Revenues
Decisions to acquire a system via periodic payments can be far easier for your customers to justify, then a large capital spend.

Future Sales Opportunities
It is far easier to sell new products and/or services to existing customers. Our finance agreements are designed to support and maintain long term relationships.

Removes Capital Budget Restraints
The customer can purchase your recommended system via their revenue budget, justified by a periodic payment rather than a large 'one off' capital spend.

Quick Response
We will respond immediately to each financing request, providing full sales and administrative support at all times. To arrange a finance facility for your customer, simply provide us with customer contact details and we process the financing on your behalf from start to finish.

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