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Finance Leasing - A lease that seeks to recover the investment in the asset along with interest and profit over the primary term from a single lessee. Also referred to as a full-payout lease.

Operating Leasing - A lease where the lessor takes some residual risk in the equipment i.e. where the residual value in the equipment at the end of the primary term and the disposal of the equipment is the lessors responsibility.

Contract Hire - Essentially an operating lease, usually for vehicles, which may be combined with a maintenance or fleet management contract. The lessor carries the residual risk and the rentals normally include a component for maintenance charges.

Hire Purchase - is an agreement to hire an asset with an option to purchase. Under hire purchase agreements, capital allowances for tax purposes are claimed by the hirer rather than the lender.

Bespoke transactions, sale of receivables, loans, promissory notes, portfolio sales, block discounting.

Definition of Transaction Size:
Individual transactions are usually described as either 'small', 'middle' or 'large ticket' and whilst the definition of these terms can vary, the following definition is as valid as any:

Small Ticket - Advances £1,000 to £250,000

Middle Ticket - Advances £250,001 to £10m

Large Ticket - Advances £10m plus

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